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      The goal of coaching
      is the goal of good management:
      to make the most of an organization's
      most valuable resources.
—  Harvard Business Review 

      If you want to build your business
      and at the same time have
      a rewarding personal life,
      you call a coach.
                                                 —  Robert Schwab, Denver Post

"Impossible problems" get solved by "thinking new thoughts"!
Our coaching is the key to thinking new thoughts . . . that create breakthrough results.
For over a decade, Joseph’s coaching clients have demonstrated that our one-to-one coaching works.

Why will our Business Coaching program work for you?

Our program sharpens your edge by advancing the self-leadership skills, tools and strategies necessary for extraordinary  productivity.
Our program facilitates the building key mutually-beneficial relationships essential to ongoing success.
Each coaching session is custom tailored to address each executive’s best thinking on their highest priorities. Our coaching is confidential.

Specifically, how do you and your organization benefit?

Your productivity is enhanced by developing certain skills:

Strategic thinking skills (including group ecology*)     Relationship skills (including effective observing and interacting)
Self-skills (including personal resourcefulness, states of excellence, time-activity management and health distinctions)

              By enhancing your skills, you impact these areas:
                 Capitalizing on differences (including being wise related to task completion and relationship building)
                  Solving “problems” Learning from past "mis-takes" Managing up and managing down
                  Making choices Discovering alternatives and options Integrating personal and professional goals
                  Honoring agreements  Managing expectations (self-expectations and expectations related to others)

By focusing on strategic issues, our business coaching yields powerful returns.

Executives perform better with coaching!
Long term lasting benefits continue way beyond the duration of the coaching.
Many executives directly and indirectly acknowledge the extraordinary high value of the coaching.      

 To read more on one-to-one coaching benefits: see Personal Coaching 
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Start Today: To speak with a Coaching Advisor, call 310.899.0082.

           To inquire about coaching with Joseph, please send an  e-mail.                                                      © 2010 Joseph Faust

Executive Coaching Program Logistics:
Executives complete an online pre-session coaching form before each session. We also recommend
our online-interactive coaching forms and the Quality Life Toolkit™ to provide additional support between
sessions. Participants receive two personal coaching sessions per month for at least four months.
E-mail Joseph for current rates. These one-to-one coaching sessions are conducted by phone.


Business Strategy Breakthrough—this one-day session will help you be more productive!
We provide 6-hours on strategies: observing, eliciting and recommending—and if desired—installing strategies.
Your key business issues are identified as well as the sources of the issues.
ncludes three follow-up phone sessions.  E-mail for details.


  *Group Ecology: Harmonious co-existence of people and the environments they share and impact.