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I come across a lot of situations that I think are complicated. Joseph has a way of taking what seems complicated and reframing it in an accessible and sensible way. I have found that I can take what Joseph has taught me, and the distinctions he has given me, and use them to live a more healthy and happy life. From language to personal relationships to dealing with stress to nutrition, Joseph is, in a word, sane. This is a high compliment I give to very few people. If you seek sanity yourself, I urge you to talk to Joseph and participate in his courses. Then use what he teaches, and see the results.
~Ashley E. Maynard, Ph.D., psychology professor

Profound change. Evolutionary growth. Generative healing. Working with Joseph transformed my experience of self at a core level.
~Dr. Barbara Cohen, M.F.C.C.

As an educator of America’s youth for more than twenty years, I can honestly state that your process is by far the fastest, easiest way to:

  • Enhance the learning process,
  • Empower one for the future, and
  • Eliminate past blockages and triggers.

This is truly an effortless, painless, and instant method for anyone to employ in improving the quality of their lives!
~Georgene R. Dhawan, Ph.D.
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