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Joseph understands how to bring out the best in people. 
He's a teacher's teacher and a coach's coach. 
Both my relationships with loved ones and my business 
are benefiting by working with Joseph. He's a true master
in what it takes to be a champion in life.

~Keith Hirbayashi

Four-time National Champion, 1985 Black Belt Hall of Fame
Owner of Champion's Martial Arts 

Working with Joseph has opened up my life to possibility. 
I now have tools to get my needs met; can choose who I'm willing to be, what I'm willing to have, because I have learned how to release old emotional patterns and restrictive belief systems. My career is on track, money is flowing in and I am excited and happy to be alive.

~Christina Belford
 Actor, Screen Actors Guild Board of Directors

What I experience with Joseph is the joyful ordering of a lot of loose thoughts, half-finished therapies and incredible new information. My clarity, purposefulness, and internal peace have increased exponentially. Just as I can't imagine going without chiropractic care, I can't imagine people thinking without the benefit of Joseph's technology and expertise.
~Stuart Hoffman
Doctor of Chiropractic, Well Person Life Enhancement Center

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