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Here are some points that really hit home with me from your 
Expectations are a setup to fail. Agreements are a setup to win. 
-- Thank you for this distinction. I have walked around my ENTIRE life (up until Thursday) expecting this-and-that from people, circumstances, experiences and life in general. And you are right: what a setup for failure! I could not get it. I was always thinking, "How much clearer can I make myself? I gave explicit expectations; how did this not work?" What I rarely (if ever) created and confirmed was an agreement. What a principal piece I missed!  

The sequence necessary for sustainable success:  
Integrity => Needs => Desires 
I now realize that I have foregone my needs being met by allowing the voice of others to drown out my own voice of truth, which has aided in the life upheaval I have experienced the past three years. I allowed others to convince me that having my needs met as a priority was selfish. I now have clarity and certainty that meeting my needs first and foremost aligns me with MY truth——moment to moment. I have been out of integrity the past three years, have not made my needs a priority and thus have not experienced my desires coming to fruition. And through this time, I have only been focusing on what I desire that I do NOT have.  

So, in sum: the top three components to a balanced and healthy life for me have been all jumbled up, tossed to-and-fro, and even ignored. I happily claim that now, and going forward, my Pyramid of Sustainable Success: Integrity, Needs, and Desires are settling into their proper place to remain there in solidity! Thank you, Joseph!
~ Zión Chatelle
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