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Love Course

Material insightful, presentation thorough and most competent.
A meaningful seminar with interaction for all participants.
We each left with a feeling of how to make our lives more productive in personal relationships.
~David Cohen, President, David Cohen & Associates

I feel empowered by these new tools and insights to make positive changes in both my personal and business life. More choices and more freedom equals more love and lightness of being.  Thanks to you, I feel much closer to my
eternal goal of balance and serenity.
~Marlene Garcia, Executive V.P., La Agencia de Orci & Asociados

I realized how much I was mismatching my husband
and how I can positively turn that around. This course is an eye-opener pertaining to partnerships and provides useful, 
helpful tools to improve them.
~Jodi Neelin, Actor

I learned a lot of valuable tools on how I can be more effective 
in my relationships with people and in my partnership at home.
~Niki Wior, Founder, Much Love Animal Rescue

Niki and I were happy to be participating. 
The...distinctions...just a few words, but they have an ability to move worlds.
Thank you, thank you.

~Jayme Burtis, Owner, Woodworking


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